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Kate Moetaua Foundation sponsors the WHS Musical!

This year we had the privilege of being a gold sponsor for Wakatipu High Schools musical, Grease. Kate was the director of these musicals since 2012 putting on amazing shows of the musicals Footloose to Fame. Kate committed all her time creating shows that would be enjoyed by everyone in the community. Alongside music director Alison Price, they put on musicals that are the highlight of the year for many of the students.

Written by Malia Moetaua:

Watching the Grease Wakatipu High School performance was great! The Kate Moetaua Foundation was one of the sponsors. Kate Moetaua, my mum, used to be the director.

My favourite scene was when Sandy slapped Patty Simcox. The character that I loved was Sandy Olsson and when she poured her heart into the song, hopelessly devoted to you, it was unbelievably beautiful. My mum put her heart into every musical and plays she directed. She would be extremely proud of all the students.

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