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How these scholarships have made a difference


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2019 recipient

The last two years have been crazy but nonetheless, amazing. I’m currently in my second year studying a Bachelor of Design at Massey University in Wellington. So far it has been an amazing experience to delve into my art and express myself through my work. The community here is so open and artistic, there is so much inspiration and character within the city that inspires my ideas and growth in my creations. I have yet to complete any big achievements but i hope to live out my lifelong goal of becoming an animator, but I know I'm only a few more years away now and will keep working hard to reach this goal. After receiving the Kate Moetaua Foundation scholarship I put the funds towards art materials and course essentials that have helped me produce and create some of my best work yet. I wanna say a huge thank you to T, Anika, Aya and Malia for the amazing opportunity. Also for fulfilling Kate’s wish to give support to students in the arts and sports domain. Thank you, Kate, you are someone I look up to and always admired. I hope to one day achieve everything I know you always supported and encouraged me to do. 
Ka kite ano ahau i a koe, ka aroha tonu ahau ki a koe.

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